Remembrance from the road 9/11

This is a shorter blog than most but felt I had to share –

I’m over 7k miles from home and currently in Lagos for work and people greet me and their first words after introductions – I’m sorry for your loss – then it hits me – they may be remembering fellow Americans that lost their lives 16 years ago today – but they are remembering anyone who lost their life. That tragic event changed people’s perception about their fellow man and the world in which we live.

Thinking of family and friends today. It’s a moment similar to the Kennedy assassination back in the 60s – the space shuttle disaster back in the 80s – you’ll never forget where you were when you heard the news.

Don’t lose faith in people. Believe that everyone is doing their best – have faith and people you meet from the sidelines may surprise you –

Be a positive change in the world today!


  1. Great reminder that amidst all the bad news we hear and read on a daily basis, most people in the world have good hearts and want to have a positive impact on others. Don’t let the few bad apples ruin the bunch. We are all in it together trying to make a small difference while we are here! Thanks Robert!

  2. Hi Robert – thank you for continuing making us part of your fascinating journey – their words are so touching! Enjoy your time back home

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