Remember Workshops for the first time

JENMy first Workshop in June


I participated in ae workshop with student of AUW1 ,then we discussed gender gap in the world and good organization. Also, I joined an another workshop as a PR staff about thinking media strategy. It is my first experience because in GSK I am responsible for clinical trials operations, R&D.

※1 The Asian University for Women seeks to graduate women who will be skilled and innovative professionals, service-oriented leaders, and promoters of intercultural understanding and sustainable human and economic development in Asia and throughout the world.


This is a memory of AUW workshop.

The workshop is a method of learning but I felt something is wrong. I couldn’t notice what the feeling is. After discussion with them, I got their feedback and some stories from previous international students. I recognized the feelings.


In the beginning, I thought that their thought and attitude were true to themselves. But their honest thought is unexpected for me. It was surprise for me to have this synergy which is people from different background. (Especially the thought of good organization is different from me because there are a big gap about their country background and their familys income level.)

So, their situation is far from the ideal. They are so smart, so they can discuss very well, regardless the gap. Theorically sounds beautiful, but practically unachievable. (Sad, but true…) 

We should not ignore the gap between ideal and reality. We should think about how to bridge the gap and how to give consideration to their feelings.


I believe “every human being has a precious life of equal value”. I heard this phrase from JEN which is my NGO in PULSE. I agree with it and I believe in a world where we live in peace, harmony and generosity.




It was one of the most memorable experience I ever had.


アジア女子大学1の学生と一緒にWorkshopを行ったり、メディア研修をうけて外部への発信戦略について考えたりしていました。アジア女子大学とのWSでは、各国でのGender Gapについて学んだり、よい組織や支援Projectを実施するために必要なことをDiscussionしました。医薬品開発の仕事時代には、縁遠かったメディア戦略について考えるなど、刺激的でInputの多い時間でした。




















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