The Rise Of Eminyeeto !

After the formation of the new Eminyeeto group, on 24 July, 2017, consisting of 10 women, we started off with the training process with the help of our super talented Bakery manger Christine Faith Aboth (TINA). Being a thorough professional, Tina was ready with the ingredient card for each woman so that they could get familiar with the production process. This training particularly focused on the mixing of dough, rolling the dough and frying at the right temperature for the tasty Mandazzis. On the first day of training, we produced two batches which gave us 40 packets(6 per packet) of Mandazzi. Surprisingly the women received humongous response amongst the locals because the taste of Mandazzis was unique and stood out from the other Mandazzis which were available in the market and ours were sold out even before the dusk. A five-day training was planned for the women to gain a thorough knowledge of the production process. Feedback about the training process was collected from the women which gave us an insight on the likes and the mentality of the women we are working with. Though the people were happy about the simple and enjoyable training process, they were also skeptical about the hard work involved in the process.

    After the successful training and one-to-one evaluation  of the women on the production process, we decided to launch the bakery on the first of August 2017. Invitation cards were sent and details on the launch of the bakery were explained to the Community Developmental Officer, the Chairman of the Municipal Council & the Health Inspector of Rwanyamahembe Sub county. The opening ceremony of the bakery commenced with a beautiful prayer song by our bakery women under the gracious presence of the chairman of Bwizibwera county Mrs.Banyanga Siraje. Mrs.Siraje explained to the women about the need of such initiatives for the development of the women in the community. The speech was followed by the instructions on cleanliness by the health inspector Mr. Nasser Wandera. This exercise of bringing the local administration has helped us enormously in gaining the support of the local government in the operation of our developmental project. The opening ceremony ended with cutting of cake, a group picture & soulful prayer.

    The aim of Eminyeeto administrative team is to develop a fully professional business organization which is easy to be maintained by the local women. Hence a formal registration as per the rules of the local government has been made along with a detailed MoU explaining the terms & conditions to be maintained in the developmental project. Alongside the different conditions on the MoU, the payment had been made clear to the women so as to avoid any possible conflicts in the future. After hours of brainstorming, we came to a conclusion of pinning the salaries to the production of the items. On a note to develop a sustainable business, the money spent on the production(Operational cost) is being saved in a separate account for future business operation (when the business is completely handed over to the women without any funding from the Earth Institute). 80% of the profits made are being paid to the women as salaries & the remaining 20% is being saved in another account as an Emergency Buffer Fund.

    Apart from the training and the continuous administrative support, we also conduct regular one-on-one interactions with the women and help them in understanding the importance of the project and their involvement in the same.

Since we have certain women in the group who have kids, we have created a Creche-like setup where the kids can play. This particular idea helped the women with kids to work in a stress-free atmosphere without having to fear about taking care of the kids since they were available to the kids just a cry away.

    After a month of production process, we are standing at 10 batches producing 200 packets per day (6 per packet).

    Hope you liked the story of the rise of Eminyeeto. Keep supporting us! We also accept funds from you and readily invite ideas on fundraising.

Note: Apologies to each one of you for the delay in updating the progress of Eminyeeto.

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