Biggest achievement and biggest disaster!

So this week has seen my biggest personal achievement since landing in Malawi and my biggest disaster! Last Saturday while doing my weekly washing I accidentally dropped my phone in the washing bowl -aaaahhh! In all the time I have had a mobile phone – never so much as a scratch and 5 weeks in Malawi and I have wrecked one of my main communication channels. Luckily everyone rallied- it went straight in a bag of rice😧 but no chance! Luckily one of my house mates had a spare phone and after much technical conferring  I think I am up and running again!

The personal achievement came from climbing the local legend that is affectionately called Pride rock ( see feature photo as pictured from our guest house) My house mates, Katie, Kelly and Jodie  ( who are all decidedly younger than me ) decided last Sunday to tackle the mountain and in a rash moment I agreed to go – a 6-7 hour ‘hike/ moutianeering’ up trails with apparently a fab view at the top – how could I resist😯

Jodie was our fabulous guide who had done the trek before and managed to persuade me I could do it and although we got lost a few times – she and Katie never wavered in their sense of direction to get us there and back  in one piece – as Gary will tell you I have absolutely no sense of direction so this was a vital! After 7 hours we arrived back, tired, dirty and full of scratches but feeling very pleased with ourselves

Also this week was my first venture into designer dress Malawian style . They have the most fabulous patterned material and at about £2 for 2 meters (that’s enough to get a dress made ) and tailors charging about £4.50 we are all looking to get new wardrobes!  Here is the first of , I am sure, many more dresses

IMG_0120Oh and by the way work still continues to go well! Tuesday saw the bid opening ceremony for the new guest house project with procurement doing a great job leading the meeting with all the contractors and senior manager present to ensure all the bids received are qualified to participate. Now is the nerve wracking bit in analysing the bids and deciding on the chosen contractor? I also am starting to spend more time at the warehouse and trips here are always an adventure , you never quite know what is being delivered or collected. On Wednesday we had to bring back some furniture and on the rough mountain road we have to transverse back to Neno, Amos, Peter and Davey are taking no chances with anything falling off

So another busy week in ‘quiet’ Neno and I can’t quite believe the weeks are passing so quickly


    1. not quite a full wardrobe yet but am already planning my next pieces! Hows your assignment going – done any filed trips yet?

  1. Good to read about your adventures – keep the news coming! Glad to hear that things are going well, apart from the phone incident. xxx

  2. Fantastic Sylvia not for breaking your phone for the climb well done I know how challenging that can be . I love hearing your news so keep them coming and the pics lots of love and best wishes Allyson xx

  3. Love the blog – keep it up. I’ll share your news with the GSK reunion guys. Dinner at Cote Brasserie tomorrow so we will be thinking of you. Take care. Carol

  4. Lovely dress, I’m sure you will be brining plenty home! If you keep climbing that rock you’ll be coming home looking like a skinny Minnie!! Love you xxx

  5. Well done on your big achievement! And good work on resolving your big disaster – sounds like you have a great team there. Great to read about Malawi sounds awesome 🙂

  6. Wow that is a long treck, that’s a real accomplishment & that view looked amazing from the photos well done!!
    Love the dress!! Can’t wait to see the many more!! Xxx

  7. Well done on all fronts: Pride Rock, new dress and work! Too funny about the phone. We’d call that ‘Murphy’s Law’ that you ruin your first phone whilst far away from home in the middle of nowhere!! Love how resourceful you were though to get a new phone up and running. That is impressive because I know how difficult it is to transfer from one phone to another. I hope your success continues on all fronts!

  8. Hello Sylvia, my iPhone fell into the toilet when I was unwell one day in Rwanda. I don’t think I have ever moved so quickly as I did that day to fish it out from the bowl! A few days in rice and careful washing and sterilising and it was good to go again 🙂

    Congratulations on summiting Pride Rock, a big accomplishment!

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