Bicycle trip to Vashon Island

This blog is about a great leisure bicycle trip I’ve done one of the previous Sundays – enjoy the reading. That Sunday I woke up early in the morning, gazed out of the window and there was a brilliant dark blue sky, confirming what the weather app has indicated the evening before. The previous days I had inquired my colleagues about places where to go around Seattle. Then I got a bicycle map from a bike shop and decided to do a bicycle trip to Vashon Island.

With a wonderful hot coffee and the map spread out in front of me, I figured out how to get to this island, bicycle – bus – ferry boat – bicycle. Then I prepared myself and headed toward my little adventure.

Vashon Island is a small island in the Puget Sound, less than 20 min by ferry from south Seattle. It seems that exactly this fact that Vashon Island is not reachable with a bridge it escaped urbanization unlike its neighbor, Bainbridge Island. And indeed, after I had managed the pretty demanding climb from the ferry terminal I discovered, all drenched in sweat, a very green rural idyll. There were lots of smaller farms dispersed in pasture and forests and some of them sold their products along the street with just a stand with self-service and a box to put the money in.


When I arrived in uptown Vashon Island I stopped for a break and had a coffee and savored the world best blueberry muffin ever. If you ever happen to come to Vashon Island make sure you stop at the Snapdragon bakery. I only had a delicious muffin but all the other stuff looked great as well, the place is just nice with cozy corners in different styles and a spacious courtyard in the back.


I then got back on my bike to continue this journey. After a steep slope down to the beach the small road followed the shoreline and then continued a drawn out up and down through narrow curves enclosed in a natural forest until I arrived at the Point Robinson lighthouse, my final destination.

The gravel beach there was covered with an astonishing amount of driftwood, sun-bleached trunks just everywhere. I enjoyed the sun and the peaceful silence that gave me a rest from bustling Seattle.


It was obvious that on my way back I had to stop at the Snapdragon bakery for another coffee before I tackled the last miles back. At about 6:30 in the evening I arrived at the ferry terminal and took the next boat back to Seattle.


It had spent a really wonderful day with plenty of memorable impressions which I wanted to share with you.

One comment

  1. Hello Helge,
    Thank you for describe this bicycle trip.
    It’s really cool to know that you’re enjoy your freedays with discovering coutries, ans share it.
    I hope you’re well and could make other discovering trip.
    Good luck and enjoy.

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