September 07


Kind people around me

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Last weekend was a nightmare.

Due to serious fever, chills, sweating, vomiting and diarrhea, I could barely sleep and had to visit a hospital. Unlike my suspicion, lab result showed that it is not a malaria, but probably a gastroenteritis. Being relieved that it was not a malaria, I returned to the hotel with some medications. It helped, but it took time for me to recover so I had to take some rest for a while. Oh my god, I did miss my family already.

Maybe the food or water could have been the problem, since these are new to me. When I returned to the office, people asked of my condition and encouraged me to get better soon. Also, Penina, the cook of the office, offered me to cook something of my country’s style. How nice it is!

I couldn’t find any non-African food in this town. I liked this new style of food first, but after a week of relay of African foods and illness, I did want my soul food.

I checked the kitchen and Yes, soy sauce was here. The day’s ingredients were chicken, potato, carrot, onion, and some garlic and ginger. Perfect for Soy sauce chicken stew. Penina suggested to try a dish with one chicken and see what people say about this new menu. If people liked it, then she will try it again in a bigger pot. The result was fine.

I, of course, enjoyed that meal very much and it seemed that people also liked it. Good!

Tomorrow, we will have a Korean style beef (Galbijjim).

Thanks to the kindness around me, my stomach is getting better and this place feels more comfortable.