Giving training on healthcare products to our agents !

Dear readers and followers,

Recently, I had a break in Bostwana where I discovered one of the nicest natural reserve with a stunning wildlife. Indeed, it is one of Africa’s last remaining great wildlife habitat which provides refuge to huge concentrations of game. This is a very large inland delta formed where the Okavango River reaches a tectonic trough in the central part of the basin of the Kalahari. All the water reaching the Delta during the flooding season is ultimately evaporated and transpired (97%), and does not flow into any sea or ocean. This area is officially inscribed under UNESCO World Heritage list. This is a once in a lifetime trip, with hard access by small plane. This trip was good to release energy before going back to work.

Upon my return, the team was running some refresher trainings on healthcare products to our Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs). I was happy to be part of one of those. We had to announce a stop of one of a cough syrup due to restrictions from the Ministry of Health regarding points of sale “Over The Counter” (Product classification has been raised to “Pharmacy”). So, we had to explain to our agents the situation and introduce an alternative herbal cough syrup classified as OTC product. Indeed, cough syrup is a very expected product by rural communities as we are in the heart of the winter season and peaks of illness such as cold and cough are currently registered. I had the pleasure to support my local colleague in the training, giving prizes to our best sales agents in order to motivate the others in selling more healthcare products and, I also had the pleasure to introduce the benefits of the new identified cough syrup and collect first impressions.


Afterwards, we went on the field around supermarkets and pharmacies with my procurement colleague for Market Intelligence: we noted down marketing promotions on-going from our competitors as well as pricing strategy. This exercise helped us in developing our products pricelist strategy for September.

And currently, we are working on Communication and Promotion tools around our social enterprise in order to find partners that are ready to support us in our business model either financially or by providing us points of sales materials or even sharing promotion tools and communities database. Our next challenge is to meet and convince these potential future partners! Story to follow…



  1. Salut Audrey. Tout se passe toujours bien à ce que je vois. Les valeurs de GSK prennent leur sens lorsqu’on est en contact direct avec les clients finaux de GSK, qui sont confrontés à des besoins plus criants et parfois plus basiques que dans nos pays. Superbes photos aussi. Vincent

    1. Merci Vincent pour ton agréable commentaire. Je confirme: cela fait du bien et surtout donne du sens à notre travail de découvrir le bout de la chaîne…. à qui nous délivrons nos produits pharmaceutiques. Et c’est un plaisir de le partager!

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