Nowhere in Particular

I am Nowhere in Particular… absorbed by Lagos Nigeria’s most cosmopolitan city and probably also the most over populated. It does not get much bigger than Lagos, the largest city in Africa’s most populous country. Despite all hustle, stress of traffic, and tension of 9am to 5pm job – Lagosians are still a very cheerful as they never hesitate to enjoy themselves to the fullest whenever they have a chance. Probably that’s why restaurants and bars are always full in the evenings.

2017-09-01 17.38.11

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon. It is also known as Èkó in the Yoruba language, and affectionately called ‘Gidi’ or ‘Las Gidi’ as a form of slang-by the younger generation, is a port and the most populous conurbation in Nigeria. Population over 21 Million people – and these figures are not necessarily accurate, but they do suggest that Lagos is a city of people and one of the largest urban areas in the world.

2017-08-26 15.39.54

2017-08-26 16.20.59

2017-08-26 15.56.25I learned very quickly that Lagos is like other cities when it comes to street food. From suya, to kilishi, fried yam, akara (beancake), boiled plantain, roasted corn, which is everyone’s favourite nibbles. This is what many people love to eat on a hot afternoon or during dinner when they are hungry and want to enjoy their life. So, I enjoyed local food as well.

And to be in Lagos and Nowhere in Particular, I have been asked to accompany my colleagues and co-facilitate a biomedical engineer trainings for one week. These training was held in the Lagos University Teaching Hospital for our selected biomedical engineers from three programme states. The training itself contains essential information for biomedical technicians, engineers and experts on the available sources of oxygen and the maintenance and repair processes necessary to keep them functioning properly. Also, to improve the management of oxygen-related equipment including planned preventative maintenance, the detection of faults and how to repair where possible.


2017-08-31 09.47.46

2017-08-31 14.38.41

One highlight was to visit the oxygen production plant which produces oxygen gas with the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method. Oxygen often needs to be produced in large volumes for many applications, most notably for medical applications. This visit was a great change to apply their learned knowledge and ask tons of questions. Moreover, all enjoyed our planned practical sessions where they got their hands on real devices and had loud debates about everything.



We as a team invested a lot of work into this tailored training which was built from scratch. I should admit that these preparation and long hours of meetings help myself to fully understand all aspects of the Pneumonia program and coming installation of oxygen commodities. Thus, it was good that CHAI developed the whole training material and we all were quite excited and pleased as everything gone fantastic. With a great relieve of a successful BME training we celebrated as team and enjoyed some sweets in the orchid garden.

2017-08-27 09.08.18

Beside the training and great company of my colleagues in Lagos, I met with our safety contact for Nigeria at the GSK Head office in Lagos. In addition, a big thanks to Lagos IT for fixing my Laptop and finally upgrade MS Office.

2017-08-25 15.21.03

2017-08-25 11.44.48

As well the hustle on the highway is real – On the highway and to every day and night time you can buy ingredients to prepare a tasty pot of soup without even visiting the market. Not only ingredients but also any other household items or whatever you desire. The constant presence of hawkers is one of the many things that makes the city unique. Many people say if you work hard in Lagos, you will survive. Well… I hope this is actually true.

Coming next – Hugging the Road

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