August 29


My Pulse journey begins…

It seems along time ago since I attended my Pulse orientation training in June where all Pulse volunteers attended, there were previous pulse volunteers who presented their journey, volunteering in various countries. There was a lot of training involved using  different tools to ensure we succeed in delivering and complete our 6 month assignment successfully.

A hiccup along the way, I felt my dream was going to be shattered when I broke a bone in my foot, I postponed my trip twice, but third time lucky I finally booked my flight to go from Heathrow to Bangalore going out on the 28th August.

I visited the HQ of Lenoard cheshire disability in Vauxhall prior to flying, William (Will) from the LCD was kind enough to spend the day with me going through their accounts..explaining how they are funded and talked about difference between restricted funds and non-restrictrd funds which is very valuable information.

I feel so lucky and blessed that I have amazing family and friends and work colleagues including Julie Rivers my coach & Michelle Scott my Mentor, also my PULSE buddy Mohamed Adel have given be a lot of support and courage and confidence to fulfil my dream to begin my journey working for leonard cheshire disability in Bangalore.

I have had many leaving parties, catching up with all my family and friends, sadly I will not see them for 6 months 😓 yes I have felt very sad and emotional but I have  tried to be positive and remained calm.

Packing was bit of a nightmare – I packed and unpacked many times trying to stay within the luggage allowance, it was just impossible to say the least, of course I need my basic necessities  like my hair products and make-up, the rest was some of my kitchen sink like fairy liquid.. detol wipes…etc all packed now😃

Today is the day I fly 28th August.. the day I leave Uk, it’s just typical, the weather is amazing around 25 degrees… I got to terminal 5 and I thought this is it.. I am off.. I booked my flight a couple of days earlier so I can get settled and look for my permanent accommodation for 6 months.

Some memorable moments below😎

Good luck card from work with lovely messages

It just so happened there was a Hawaiian theme with mocktail on my last day at work😎  photos below with Elizabeth (middle) my previous manager who helped with my Pulse application and have continued to support me.

More good luck cards with a special gift from a friend

Dinner with family, brother, sister in law and my lovely nephews

Catching up with with my lovely friends and with parents

Started packing 🤔

Hugs to parents on the day I leave 27.08.2017

At terminal 5 Heathrow 🙂

To be continued 😎