Getting started – Day 1

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Today was practically my first working day at the Save the Children. (Yesterday was brief introduction and tour)


Office is beautiful, surrounded by a garden with greens.

People are nice and kind.

The weather is perfect, warm during the daytime and cool at night.

I feel I already like this place.

This week will be a week-of-training including both on-line and off-line. I learned the code of conduct, policies, and basic rules of this organization today.

When all the trainings are completed, a discussion with the MEAL team I will be working with will be set-up to determine what I will be doing in the next upcoming 6 months. Afraid, but also excited at the same time.

Everybody I’m encountered with here says they expect me to teach them things. But as a new joiner here, I know very little about what is going on. How can I help them not knowing what they need? I know there will be more time that I can learn what they need and how I can help them. But for now, I have to admit that I feel pressured by this situation. Hope things will turn out to be more clear soon.


  1. Sora, I know you can do more than you think you can do.

    Don’t feel pressure and you will do just great.

    Have a good night and will look forward to see more photos of the Africa where I’ve never been!!

  2. Hey. I remember the first days too, where everything is new. Not like getting a new job, as you also have totally new surroundings. Try not to be too pressured. You will learn from each other. Sometimes there are simple things which you take for granted, and for them a big aha moment!
    Try some ADP to help you. Gemba their tools and processes, to see if there are some improvements. Maybe some Voice of the Customer to see how you can help. Also, GSK is working closely with Save to implement ADI (a lighter version of ADP). I’m sure you can pass over some of those learning’s and show them the tools in practice.

  3. A great start to your assignment already So-Ra!! Take encouragement and the good advise from those around you and continue to listen and observe before offering solutions and you will be fine! Keep the blogs and photo’s coming, it’s good to know you already feel happy in your new surroundings!

  4. It’s so nice to hear that you already like your surroundings and new colleagues ! It will be wonderful for you, so sit back and listen and then you will know how best to proceed. Great advice from Christos as well.

  5. Hi sora
    I am happy to hear from you.
    Congratulate to start your PULSE and I hope to good luck to you!!!

    Look forward to hear the update soon.
    Have a good day.

  6. Good to hear that you lik the place. I can imagine what it looks like. All people in the photos look nice and welcome you a lot. It’s no surprise you feel the pressure for unknown tasks you’ve never done before but you will enjoy it soon as you did always !

  7. Take care of yourself and all the very best with your assignment. Look forward to reading future blogs.

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