August 20


Week 3 – Malawian lessons

So week 3 and I feel I am really making headway with my procurement projects. Policy revised and awaiting review, had meetings with key customers to find out about up and coming big procurement projects and starting to help with getting processes and ways of working in place.

Other Key highlights this week have been :
Tuesday the arm came off my reading glasses (I cant really read without them so disaster! ) and I was only thinking a couple of days previously ‘ I hope nothing happened to my glasses as I only bought one pair! Never mind Issacs the warehouse assistant to the rescue who apparently has a box full of second hand glasses but none had the right pin so he use a thin piece of wire to attach the arm back on my glasses! – Lesson 1 everyone here is so resourceful!
Wednesday no water and no electricity so washing was in small bowl, using warm water from the kindly provided water dispenser in our house. Lesson 2 – Shower when there is water and electricity – not when you decide you want one!
Thursday I went with Ivy to Blantyre on a procurement trip. As Neno is so far not many of the suppliers deliver so every couple of weeks the procurement team have to send someone to collect and pay for goods! ‘Don’t worry, she says ‘ not much to collect today and so we should be back by lunchtime’ That was before we went to collect printing that wasn’t ready ( come back later) a few phone calls to order some other things ‘ while you are are there ‘ and then disaster a flat tyre


Never mind, our lovely driver Edward to the rescue and while we waited a huge cavalcade went by which turned out to be the president! So all in all a ‘ quick trip’ to Blantyre took nearly 12 hours!  Lesson 3 Patience, Patience , Patience

Friday- the final ‘resourcefulness’ requirement – see photo above! We has a small party for Beth who is getting engaged next week but apparently there is a country wide(!!) shortage of tonic water so I am mixing the local Malawian gin with SoBo a local fizzy pineapple drink – my very own Malawian cocktail while watching this…. Bliss