First month in PULSE – Innovations in Healthcare

Hi everyone! My assignment is in Innovations in Healthcare, a non-profit organization based on DUKE University in Durham, NC-USA.

When I applied to PULSE, I supposed I would go to a developing country, having contact with poor communities, helping them not only inside de NGO, but also with some extra activities, etc. It´s funny how we create things in our minds.

When I received the assinment description and saw the country: USA! I asked myself “how can I help the USA?”. Than I read the hole description and thanks PULSE Team one more time. I fell in love with the project.

Innovations in Healthcare aim to improve healthcare worldwide by supporting the scale and impact of promising innovations. We receive support from and collaborate with a global and diverse group of organizations, including corporations and foundations that are committed to strengthening and increasing the scale of healthcare innovations.

My first activity was outreach and scouting new innovators in America Latina to our network. I´d never researched this subject before and I was really surprised about how many wonderful projects I could find, so many people thinking in new ways to improve health access, quality or cost. I want to show their work for everyone, to inspire people! My wish is to help each one! But unfortunately we have a scope and just some of them will join the network at the end of the process.

So, my message for the health innovators is: Thank you all for your dedication and beatiful porpose, I really wish your success and I will work hard to help you the most I can.

GSK and PULSE Team, thank you for this uniq opportunity, I am very happy and excited with my assignment.


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  1. I’m happy for you my dear! Sometimes life surprises us in such a beautiful way! Enjoy your time. Miss you.

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