Short Farewell, Thanks GSK Korea!

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You see that orange box?

I was so much surprised to see it at the Townhall on 16th of August, at the GSK Seoul Office.

It’s been 5 years since the last PULSE volunteer was deployed from Korea (it was to Ghana) and I am the very 2nd PULSE volunteer. So it was something to celebrate and share.

GSK Korea office was willing to support my journey in all perspectives, and as one of those efforts, they have prepared a townhall to let everybody know of my journey and prepared this adorable present – guess what? A sweet box.

It was opened up at the end of Townhall which included my introduction and cheers from lots of people in and out of office – even from Australia, Thanks Carlo! The previous volunteer, Hye-Sook, also came to encourage me and did give me good tips and moral supports. This  will be installed in front of the evelator for a while to collect all sort of donations – candies, chocolates, pencils, notes, and anything which may be useful for children in Kenya and will be sent to me.

It was so moving and thoughtful of everyone. Thanks so much and I look forward to get it at Kenya. I also want to see many other volunteers from Korea next year and afterwards.

Now then, let me pack my things and check-up everything is in place before departure.

Wish me another good luck!


  1. Congratulate~~~ and so proud of you. Always think that we are be with you. Don’t forget who you are and where you from^^

  2. Well done, and thanks to Communication team for arrangement of the townhall!
    And we all wish Sora’s excellent achievement in Kenya and return with good health and warm heart!

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