August 15


BBL/Brown Bag Lunch

In July, we hold the BBL in lunch time to introduce myself and GSK, share my experience and explain overview of ADP.


I learned BBL meeting for the first time. A brown bag meeting is a casual meeting that occurs during a lunch period. This type of meeting is referred to as a brown bag meeting because participants bring their own lunches to the meeting. The meeting typically takes place in the workplace, usually in a training room or conference room. It is interesting for me, so I want to adopt the good things in GSK Japan when I reenter GSK.

P.S. This orange presentation inspired our NPO staff regarding branding strategy.

先日、BBLを開催し自己紹介やGSKの紹介、ADPの説明などを行いました。BBLというものをJENにきて初めて聞いたのですが、Brown Bag Lunch Meetingの略称で、自分の昼食を茶色の紙袋に入れて集まるところから、この名前がついたそうです。