August 13


Week 2 of my Malawian adventure

So this week I am really starting to get going with my procurement project, meeting people and reading up on processes and documents. I am finding the technology & systems very challenging ( not a surprise I hear you say 😀) but everyone is so ready to help that I think I am now up and running with printers / internet etc.  We have only had one power cut and a couple of hours without water so a good week utility wise!

I had 2 field trips this week, on Wednesday visiting the warehouse in Lisongwe to get a feel for the process and warehouse system. Thanks to Peter and Davie who showed me the ropes so effectively . On Friday I went out with the critical care clinic  to Nsembe where PIH and Minstry of health clinicians visit people in their communities and screen them for a wide array of diseases, if need be referrring   patients to health centers for treatment.

I also attempted some washing this week – as you can see from the photo no fancy washing machine here – just good old fashioned water and Omo!

We have a a visitor this weekend , Rachel who use to work a PIH and with we all went to the local bar to celebrate Aaron’s birthday on Friday where some very nice cider was consumed.🍺 Weekend rounded off with a 2 hour hike today to the river and brunch so all in all a good week … oh and these came to say hello as I sit on the back porch writing this blog