Week 2 of my Malawian adventure

So this week I am really starting to get going with my procurement project, meeting people and reading up on processes and documents. I am finding the technology & systems very challenging ( not a surprise I hear you say 😀) but everyone is so ready to help that I think I am now up and running with printers / internet etc.  We have only had one power cut and a couple of hours without water so a good week utility wise!

I had 2 field trips this week, on Wednesday visiting the warehouse in Lisongwe to get a feel for the process and warehouse system. Thanks to Peter and Davie who showed me the ropes so effectively . On Friday I went out with the critical care clinic  to Nsembe where PIH and Minstry of health clinicians visit people in their communities and screen them for a wide array of diseases, if need be referrring   patients to health centers for treatment.

I also attempted some washing this week – as you can see from the photo no fancy washing machine here – just good old fashioned water and Omo!

We have a a visitor this weekend , Rachel who use to work a PIH and with we all went to the local bar to celebrate Aaron’s birthday on Friday where some very nice cider was consumed.🍺 Weekend rounded off with a 2 hour hike today to the river and brunch so all in all a good week … oh and these came to say hello as I sit on the back porch writing this blog



  1. Hi Sylvia, just catching up on your blogs! Love the photos and the insights you are sharing! Makes me realise how much we take for granted in our own lives in the UK. Have you named the the animals (goats?) yet?

    1. Thanks Sonja for reading and comment on the post! To be honest there are so many goats here its impossible to name them all and if its not goats its chickens everywhere!

      1. Hi Sylvia, great to hear from you. Love in Blog 3 that you can only shower when there is water and electricity, my boys seem to think it’s the same here! Hope you’re managing to stay cool xx

  2. Hi Sylvia Good to hear your news and see the photos. Glad things are going well. Keep thinking of you xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey Sylvia! Missing you in the office….. I need my Friday buddy back! 🙂 But until then, continue to enjoy every minute

  4. Hi, Sylvia! Thanks for the vivid pictures – it is really helping me to imagine where you are and what you are doing!! (and I love goats…baby goats to be exact!!)

    Curious as to what you learned during your gembas of the warehouse and critical care clinic and how it fits into your assignment. Sorry – it’s the ADP / LSS nerd in me! 🙂

    Stay well. I look forward to the next blog!

  5. Such vivid photos & scenery – wow! Thanks for continuing to share your journey with us, Sylvia 🙂 Look forward to hearing more about the work you’re doing & the impact it will have — as you get stuck in even more! Sending hugs & best wishes!

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