August 08


New shoes for new adventures

imageIt has been almost a month since I made the journey to Save the Children…and wow does time ever fly when you’re having fun!

I’ve jumped in head first and am well into tackling the different projects they have put before me. I am working on quite the array of different assignments which are enlightening me to whole new worlds. All the way from designing an online space for global collaboration to creating training videos for new fundraisers to understanding the current global need state and forming a FAQ.

One thing for sure….this isn’t like my regular day job!

Besides the 9-5 thing I am also busy exploring the city that never sleeps, and trust me, it never does! I have ALMOST had to yell out my window in the middle of the night..but being the Canadian stereotype that I am, I didn’t. The honking never ends, construction happens at all hours, and it would be hard to guess the language I hear the most. NYC is a cultured city with a living energy. There is always something new to see, somewhere exciting to go, and something different to eat and I want to experience it all!

One weekend and 25km+ later, it was time to trade in the old ratty kicks for a new sleek pair…let the adventures continue!