Ready, Set, Whoa

READY? I AM. Today is another beautiful day in Kaduna. I am on a field trip and we are visiting several hospitals in the Kaduna state to conduct several Installation Planning visits for oxygen commodities implementation.

CHAI invited State Chief Medical Directors of selected hospitals to join us for a program update meeting at the State Ministry of Health in Kaduna. All Chief Medical Directors are very pleased about the program progress and the coming installation of medical commodities at their hospitals.

2017-08-01 13.33.45

To support these implementations we travelled around and visit facilities in and outside of Kaduna city. Our team of one State Bio Medical Engineer, the supplier and four people of CHAI were welcomed openly and received a lot of gratefulness.


I am looking forward to return and support the installation of these medical commodities for patients to receive medical oxygen which is vital for them. It was very helpful to met with people on the ground and we are confident to get this done soon. We are ready to take this extra mile and getting ready for our return.

SET – With my CHAI colleagues we are working to set up and finalise the pre installing planning. This is a important step to ensure a smooth implementation at the earliest.


WHOA – The CHAI Team has successfully archived a incredible part of the Essential Medicine Program and delivered Zinc/ ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt) in eight states in Nigeria. These fantastic result has been presented to the GAC Program Steering committee at the Nigerian Primary Healthcare Development Agency in Abuja. This program part is related with the delivery of functional oxygen to patient with Pneumonia. Please find a snapshot of the program in the following,

“In 2012, diarrhea was one of the top three killers of children under the age of five years in Nigeria, responsible for approximately 100,000 deaths each year.  Zinc and oral rehydration salts (ORS) can prevent over 90% of diarrhea-related deaths. However, in Nigeria, less than 1% of children received the full recommended treatment. Instead, the majority of children continued to receive suboptimal products like antibiotics and antidiarrheals or received nothing at all.

Caregivers and health providers were often unaware of zinc and ORS as the recommended treatment of child diarrhea resulting in low demand. As a result, suppliers had limited incentive to invest in the distribution and promotion of the products thereby reating a ‘market trap.’ The political and partner environment further impeded the uptake of the products through limited attention, funding, and unfavorable regulatory conditions. In response, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH), through the Nigerian Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA), launched its first-ever National Essential Medicines Scale-up Plan, which aimed to reach an ambitious target of 80% coverage of zinc and ORS nationwide by the end of 2015.

By the end of the program, combined Zinc and ORS coverage increased from 3% to 31% across all eight states. Additional the program has facilitated large-scale increases in the local Zinc/ ORS market, allowing many more providers and patients to access Zinc and ORS. Initial estimates indicate that the program contributed to averting 18,400 deaths, with the potential for averting tens of thousands more moving forward.”

This outstanding achievement was present by Dr. Ahmad the Deputy Country Director of CHAI.

2017-07-17 12.22.52

Moreover Dr. Ahmad gave an interview to NTA national news and you may find someone else as well there 🙂 Just click on the following youtube link and go to minute 27.

Did you find someone’s seconds of fame in the national television in Nigeria – WHOA, or!!!


  1. Juergen, hope you are keeping well. Very inspiring, hope I can have the opportunity to join the program. Please post your photo using local gown 🙂

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