Catch up One Month Highlights

Today One month is completed into my 6 months PULSE journey with the NGO: SAVE THE CHILDREN. I am based in Hanoi, Vietnam
Why am I here?

Vietnam country office has lean capacities for development of communication and campaigning strategy and my assignment would cover the gap, in terms of taking leadership in assessing the overall approach in implementation of 2017 campaign plan. I have to lead on development and implementation of media and communication part of campaign plan, including publicity and communication material for the campaign.
How has the journey been thus far? Very different in an incredible way…
During my first week I got the opportunity to attend the Annual all staff meeting of Save the children 2017.During this meeting I had the opportunity to meet with all the management and staff and also there are different training and workshops during three days meeting in DALAT city of Vietnam. This provided invaluable understanding of the project. This created a wonderful opportunity to meet the team which is now like a family. WOW! What a team: dedicated, passionate, hardworking, creative and selfless all working hard to help chill drew have a better life and future.
During this first week, we did not only learn but we had lots of fun as a team. We engaged in various Team building activities –, realizes me why we are here – children’s wellbeing, sharing not only food but cultures and tradition, skills and having fun while we were at it. I have some captured moments of these activities.

Vietnam National Anthem

In this picture we are doing a warm up activity with national song of Vietnam.

Soldiers of Vietnam, marching onward
United in determination to save the nation,
Our steps resound on the long and arduous road.
Our flag, red with the blood of victory, bears the spirit of the country……………IMG_4442








Team Building (Connecting each other)










Social Event (Gala Dinner)

During the last week of July I had a meeting with Country Director of Savethechildren about the scope of assignment and what specifically we have done initially,so for that I use an ADP tool IPO(input process output).as we have to be launch a new campaign named #EVERYLASTCHILD# regarding education and nutrition at the end August.with the help of ADP I find out that what is our objective and for this what we inputs we have to achieve the specific goal and through which process.

This is my first blog and I make my best thoughts to collect and express in words….





  1. Moh great blog I since your excitement in your assignment….look forward to meeting you in a few weeks. I will be in Hanoi starting Sept 4th

  2. Great work and learning in just one month of your assignment.looking forward many success in your assignment.

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