August 01


… Cake anyone?

Almost the first thing that happened to me, when I arrived at Save the Children International, was that I was presented with an amazing, Victoria Sponge – handmade by one of the Project Team . (For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that cake is a weakness of mine so it was really the perfect start!)

In all seriousness, I’m thrilled to be starting a 6 month role with ‘Save’. They are an extraordinary charity who do incredible work – for example, today they’re marking the milestone of reuniting 5000 children, who were separated by conflict in South Sudan, back with their families!

I’ll be leading on a number of HR aspects for a key project running in their head office, located just off Trafalgar Square. Whilst I’ve read other PULSE volunteer blogs enviously, with colleagues bravely jetting off to almost every continent in the world, a London based assignment is perfect for me and my young family… and the view at the end of my commute to work is, of course, extraordinary (Photo: Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square).

The precise focus of our project is not really for a blog just at the moment, before some key communications internally, and like many big projects it also seems to be changing rapidly, and significantly, at the moment. I look forward to posting more in due course. However, I am pleased to be working with a great project team, including Vanita – a colleague from GSK. 

… in terms of finishing the story, how did my first day in the office end?… with the offer of a home-made scone, of course. (I’m assuming it can’t be like this everyday!?!)