Today’s the day!

Well today has come round so quickly! Last goodbye meals all done and thanks to everyone for the kind and useful gifts


Bags packed ( and unpacked and reepacked to try and get them down to the baggage allowance! ) anti -malarials started – so far feel fine although I don’t want to tempt fate😧 Checked in ok and so now deciding how long it might take to get to Heathrow on the dreaded M25

Am sure I have forgotten loads and will be a blabbing mess at the airport with all the family coming 😭😭

Next  blog from Malawi 🇲🇼


  1. Good luck getting settled and in…..Looking forward to hearing more about your assignment.

  2. Hope you have arrived safely! Savor the experience (I know you will!). I’m looking forward to that first blog from Malawi!!

  3. Great to get a peek into your pre-departure thoughts! Look forward to hearing how you’re settling in Malawi 🙂 Thinking of you…

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