Somewhere over the Rainbow

” Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ”
Do you recognize each verse above, isn’t it? For me, that’s song to described what I felt here in Abuja, Nigeria. A lovely country with lovely peoples here!
It’s very long trip for me to get Abuja after almost 24 hours across the ocean, across the continent, and across the Sahara, finally, I’ve got a greeting “ You are Welcome”
That I call Somewhere over the rainbow! that’s what exactly what I feel.
I was really looking forward to my departure date at that time, a mixture of joy, nervousness, and hope to find many new things at my destination.
I imagine I would live in a hot and arid area and meet unfriendly people.
But the picture has vanished since I met Mohammed, the person who picked me up at Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport.
He was the first Nigerian to give a warm smile and speak very politely.
And along with my journey from the airport to my new residence over the next six months, I was treated to a view of a green city and a lot of new highways, and the most I’m happy with is “no congestion”.
This made all my preparations and long trips paid off already.

Now 2 weeks have passed and still there is no change in my perception of this amazing place for me still remain about somewhere over the rainbow!

It’s all about your feelings, your beliefs, and your intentions.

There’s a lot going on in my journey as a Pulse Volunteer since the first day as a newcomer to my new family of Malaria Consortium Nigeria.

I have experienced a lot of excitement, lots of questions, and worries but nothing will stop my confidence and enthusiasm despite the many challenges I face.

Keep trying to learn, understand the situation both to the environment and circumstances.

Every morning I always convince myself that today will be better than yesterday, trying to do the best and think calmly.

So I can pass the day with a smile. And I will share with you another story of my Pulse journey.


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