July 19


Yippeee I am off to Malawi

Well after a couple of months of challenges I have finally booked my flight to Malawi and am heading off at the end of July to work for 6 months with Partners in Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo. I will be based in Neno a small rural district in the southern part of Malawi about 2 hours drive from the city of Blantyre – apparently very quiet and rural!

Map Malawi

I have has so many injections I feel like a pin cushion and I have no idea how I am going to pack any clothes with the extensive medication ( malaria and travellers tummy😳) insect repellent ( for the giant mosquitos😧)  led candles (for the power cuts) and suncream (apparently hard to get in Malawi)  but despite all this, the feedback from people who have been to Malawi ( and it is amazing how many people have been) suggest a beautiful country with lovely people …. so I can’t wait

The HR office at Stevenage gave me a great send off at the African Kitchen Gallery in London, with authentic African food, drink and artefacts – a great way of getting into the spirit- thank you all for my useful gifts and a wonderful evening😀

So only 12 days and counting – I think my husband and adult children are still wondering what on earth I have done(  to be honest so am I!! ) but hey looking forward to a great adventure and hopefully helping PIH! 🇲🇼