Yippeee I am off to Malawi

Well after a couple of months of challenges I have finally booked my flight to Malawi and am heading off at the end of July to work for 6 months with Partners in Health/Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo. I will be based in Neno a small rural district in the southern part of Malawi about 2 hours drive from the city of Blantyre – apparently very quiet and rural!

Map Malawi

I have has so many injections I feel like a pin cushion and I have no idea how I am going to pack any clothes with the extensive medication ( malaria and travellers tummy😳) insect repellent ( for the giant mosquitos😧)  led candles (for the power cuts) and suncream (apparently hard to get in Malawi)  but despite all this, the feedback from people who have been to Malawi ( and it is amazing how many people have been) suggest a beautiful country with lovely people …. so I can’t wait

The HR office at Stevenage gave me a great send off at the African Kitchen Gallery in London, with authentic African food, drink and artefacts – a great way of getting into the spirit- thank you all for my useful gifts and a wonderful evening😀

So only 12 days and counting – I think my husband and adult children are still wondering what on earth I have done(  to be honest so am I!! ) but hey looking forward to a great adventure and hopefully helping PIH! 🇲🇼


  1. How super exciting!! I have never even heard of Malawi (that’s so American, I know!) so I am excited to learn more about it through your blogs. Keep well, Sylvia!! And safe journeys to you.

  2. I know you will hit the ground running Sylvia, first blog under your belt & some not so bad pics! Looking forward to all the news and gossip from Malawi and hearing more about the great community you about to immerse yourself within! Good luck 🙂 

  3. I know you will hit the ground running Sylvia, first blog under your belt & some not so bad pics! Looking forward to all the news and gossip from Malawi and hearing more about the great community you are about to immerse yourself within! Good luck

  4. Hi Sylvia
    Wow what a fantastic opportunity congratulations ! I am well jel !
    Take care enjoy and make sure you share it with us xx

  5. Hi Sylvie

    Best of luck looking forward to reading your blog and learning all about Malawi and the valuable work you will be doing there, they are very lucky to have you

    Safe journey


    Elaine x

  6. Well Sylvia – finally you’re doing that ‘gap year’ we all did in our 20’s. Of course you don’t have to find yourself as you did that many moons ago and what’s a privilege its been to be a part of your journey to here. as one of my oldest and most dearest friends I shall miss you immensely especially at Christmas time on our ‘shack attack’ Marion weekender.However, I look forward to your blog and tales to come. Take care of yourself and don’t do anything that I wouldn’t, which leaves the door wide open! Xxx

  7. Good luck Sylvia – we will miss you heaps. Can’t wait to read your blogs. Will send updates over the coming months too. Lots of love ❤️ xxxx

  8. Have a great six months Sylvia, looking forward to hearing all about your travels and reading your blog.

    1. hi Lucy and thanks for responding to my blog! I am settling in well and hopefully the other blogs I posted tell you how different it is here – good luck on the walk in Sept and pass on my best wishes to everyone!

  9. HI Sylvia. I eventually managed to work out the blog format and have followed your recent blogs. A small turn out at the walk last weekend but they send you their wishes. Also went to Martin and Carole’s Ruby wedding party last month. Have just done a day course on Pharmacists in GP surgeries and am trying to decide if I want the move – it would be a lot of change and studying (10 years ago I would definitely done it), but full time work in a full-on Pharmacy is tiring enough.
    Sounds like you are enjoying you trip. x

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