PULSE VOLUNTEER :: When Dream, Opportunity, Confident, Pain, and Emotion Meet to Shape My Destiny in Public Health.

It was 7 Oct 2016, just one day before my big-day, I completed my three years in GlaxoSmithKline, Biologicals and it made me eligible for PULSE Volunteering Program of GSK. It was not less than a birthday gift for me as I waited almost three years for this day. After having brief discussions with my line manager at GSK and my lifetime supervisor, my better-half, Ankita, I applied for PULSE on the eve of Christmas by showing interest in an International Assignment for SIX months.

The process to get final selection took almost five months which included numbers of applications, interactions, TCs, visits for VISA and PCC, interviews, different activities, and trainings. This period was always full of pressures as I tried my best to have proper balance between my current job responsibilities, selection in PULSE, and finally the most important one-my family, especially when I am father of a four years beautiful angel, husband of a supportive wife, son of an ill mother, and many more for my relatives for whom I am the only ‘hope’.

We four at GSK, Mumbai, India 

I am fortunate that everyone, especially my line manager(s) and colleagues from Medical Affairs supported and motivated me throughout the PULSE process.  Post selection, transferring of responsibilities and finally let people know that I am not there to support them for six months, was full of emotions.  I was blessed with many good wishes.

Last few days were running like bullets. I wish, if I could slow them down as I wanted to spend more time with my little angel and her proud mother but wondering, if anyone has power to stop the time. Finally, the day, 3 Jul 2017 came when I had to leave my country and my dears to write a beautiful chapter in my career’s diary. We four sat together whole day and shared our feelings, memories, plans for future, and good foods too. That day, I talked everyone in my family from youngest to oldest, from one state to another as I did not want to miss them during my assignment.

The angel and the queen

It was 10.30 pm on 3 Jul 2017 and I was planning to leave my home around 12am. I was full of emotions and pains too. I was just thinking about my career’s journey as a Paper Boy from a small town to a Scientific Manager at GSK Mumbai.  I was trying to count the precious things I achieved and the treasurable moments i lost during this wonderful journey- I just failed. Few unanswered questions were still in my mind. Why and for whom, I am chasing my dreams, what dreams my family and others have, what are my contributions for them, where is my final destiny-NO ANSWERS, only a voice of my aunt and Ankita was echoing in my mind “Sanjeev, you are the single hope for us, we do not have anyone except you”.  I just thought, I should withdraw and stay with my loving family. All of sudden, I felt a warmth touch on my shoulder, it was Ankita who whispered, “do not worry , I am here to take care of all. You do take care of yourself and try to reach a step ahead of your goal”. Same time, our little angel, Pihu hugged us and handed over a piece of paper to me which has a sketch by her. It had two figures, one look like a small kid while another was like an adult male. It had also a wonderful message on it “I love you Papa”. She innocently told me “Papa, whenever you feel lonely, just see this drawing in which we both are there, your BACHWA (Baby) would always be close to you”. What a wonderful combination of love, emotion, feeling, and pain that stopped me crying as I have a treasure and an answer too.

A treasure  by my angel

My phone rang. Driver was outside. We hugged and kissed each other. I bowed down to my mother to have her blessings. I could see pains in her eyes. She could only say “take very good care of yourself.”

I left my home as my most awaited PULSE Journey with pains, emotions, feelings, and dreams was calling me. After a long journey via Abu-Dhabi and South  Africa, I finally reached at my PULSE VILLAGE, Swaziland, a beautiful African country with full of public health opportunities, to write another chapter of my destiny.

I am in my PULSE Village

I am confident, I am experienced, I am trained, I have blessings, and finally I am a CHANGE AGENT.


It’s time to just perform and prove again !


Story Continues…….!!

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