My first week has passed quickly

I at last started PULSE program for 6 months.


I joined JEN (Japan Emergency NGO) in PR/FR department from GSK!


This PULSE program motivated me because I am interested to NPO/NGO, international cooperation and volunteering. It is the big chance for me to challenge new job, new environment, new co-workers and others. Everything of  JEN was first experience for me and made me stimulated.

My major was Pharmacy. After graduation of the university, I worked at GSK for 5 years as clinical leader of clinical trials. So. I have no experience of Marketing and PR. This is also challenge for me. In honest I am little nervous, but am looking forword to seeing new myself after 6 months.

Hope it gonna be fun & good with once in a life time experience.




P.S. みんなが会議に参加しているときのオフィス内の写真です。


※One of the day in JEN ; most of the JEN staffs are in meeting.

Ayame Akimoto//JEN


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