Viva Mexico!

Welcome to Mexico!

After 3 weeks I feel in a position to start the blog. Welcome followers!

Obviously is my first experience writing a blog, so I will try my best.

When people talk about Mexico, most of us think about Cancun, Acapulco, Rivera Maya… but Mexico is something else aside of touristic places, not everything is beaches and joy. They have problems with the security, drug cartels, and violence against the women…

Mexico is considered in the position 77 in the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI simplifies and captures only part of what human development entails. It doesn’t reflect on inequalities, poverty, human security, empowerment …and Mexico, believe or not has many of these inequalities here.

When I arrived to Mexico I was concern about these hot topics but the idea to escape from my comfort zone is more powerful than anything else, so here we are! The adventure of Mexico has just started.

Initially my assignment was planned for Pachuca, but after some changes in the organization of Pro-Mujer they have decided that I will be in Ciudad de Mexico *really happy for that by the way.

Anyway I moved to Pachuca for 5 days in order to see the operations of the organization.

During the days in Pachuca I had the opportunity to see the field work. I think this is the moment that I´ve realized about my PULSE assignment.


I met early in the morning with one of the “asesores”, Norma, in the office of Tultepec. We started our journey by motorbike. What an amazing experience! Can we do it again???

Our first stop was visit two of the “payment session of the group“, it’s the moment where women met in a house in order to collect the money as a group and return it to Pro-Mujer. Norma explained them some business tips and engaged to assist to the medical health points that the organization has in the local areas. (Empowerment of the woman)

The first payment session was ok and all they paid on time, but for the second one we had some difficulties, in this case, one of the women didn´t come for this session. It is one of the critical moments because If someone does not appears in this sessions, the rest of members must cover her debt otherwise they will be catalog as debtor so it will put the group members in a bad situation to get more finance from the NGO.

Fortunately after some calls to the women, the husband showed up with the money after being waiting for almost 1h. Good news for everyone!!


Even it was a successful moment at the end; I could understand and appreciate how difficult is the field work for Pro-Mujer. During these sessions I had the opportunity to talk with all those women and know the difficulties on the first hand. Most of them left the school when they were child, so the education for most of them is limited, but the most important is the optimistic future they see in their communities and within her own business.  I wish you all the best!

Finally, it could not be otherwise for a country like Mexico, food is in everywhere, we finished our field session eating one of the“gorditas” and tacos in a local place. Apparently one of the best! Thank you Norma for introduce me to the Mexican food.

So this is it in my first adventure of PULSE.

The next adventure will be about Mexico City only if I have survived to the spicy food…

See you soon!


  1. Great first blog! I’ll keep tuned to understand more the work of Pro-Mujer.

  2. Amazing blog – great work so far Alberto.. all the best enjoy the journey for such a good cause:-)

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