My PULSE journey



Hi, all.

Now I am posting my first blog as a PULSE volunteer member to offer information relating to this activity.

Though I am thinking to share daily activities, not only serious but casual, this is the first one and I think that it is a really good opportunity to make myself known to you guys.

So, please let me tell you “About me”, “About PULSE” and “About my motivation and expectation” at first. I am going to write about the detail of my assignment next time.

I hope you can enjoy this blog and feel like making a great journey with me.

Let’s get started!


“About me”

My goal in life is driving the world economy through improving the public health in the world.

I have liked animals very much from childhood and I have been interested in different cultures because of my one week trip to New Zealand when I was a boy. So I dreamed of being veterinarian and working on a global stage someday.

I had various experiences during veterinary school. Gradually I have changed my mind from saving lives directly to saving more lives. In the process, I realized that it is human that is the most impactful existence on the earth and we couldn’t do make any effective impact to the world if life and thought of people haven’t been improved. And I learned that there are a lot of people in need all over the world. The main problems are education, healthcare and economy and I thought that healthcare was the cornerstone. Plus, I studied infectious disease, public health, zoonosis and more during the vet school, so I came to get interested in improving the public health in the world. Now, I am working at GSK, which is challenging to solve tropical disease and world health, to drive the world economy.

To achieve my goal, I need more “Communication Skill”, “Expertise”, “Broadened Horizons” and “Friends”. I have to clear up what I can do and what I cannot do and continue to challenge my limits all the time. So, I was just thinking of new challenge in the quite new situations.


“About PULSE”

Andrew Witty launched this program at 2009 and there are 635 employees from 60 countries worked with 112 NPO so far. The PULSE Volunteer Partnership, which is GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative, contributes to the GSK mission to do more, feel better and live longer by acting as a catalyst for change. I am a veterinarian and have some experiences as MR and MSL, so I am joining the program to exclude malaria and dengue virus from Cambodia.

PULSE team mainly expects assignees to make three changes below to embody above.

“Change Communities”, “Change yourself” and “Change GSK”.

These are common essences of whatever you want to do. Of course, applying for PULSE is also the begining of changing yourself. So, all you have to do is apply for PULSE if you want to change yourself. haha

There are two types of PULSE assignment, home (3 or 6 months) and abroad (6 months). There are some steps like candidate’s application form and candidate’s line manager’s recommendation, online aptitude test, skype interview with PULSE global team and matching with NGO. It took almost 6 months to pass all steps. If you want to join a global assignment, you need to be able to speak, write, read and listen to English at certain degree.

I have never experienced outside Japan besides traveling but I could pass by studying English by myself. In addition to the English skill, you could join PULSE only when you have sense of purpose and steely determination. But please remember that only applying for this is valuable because you can take  time to face yourself, your career and your life.

What do I want to do? What do I want to be like? What is my goal in life?

When I clarify or set up my goal, I can see what to do and I am highly motivated to work everyday. PULSE is best chance to think of myself seriously.

Have a dream at first, and grow up through working at GSK to make own dream come true. That is the perfect to get motivated!!

Challenging is really tough but makes us feel enjoyable and fulfilling.

I show you it through my challenge!!

Do not say but do “do more, feel better and live longer” on our own.


“About my motivation and expectation”

I need to gain broaden knowledge and deeper understanding of whole medical field to improve the global public health. To do so, I thought that I should comprehend the Japanese medical situation because comparing is the only way to grasp something soundly. Having a stable axis in one’s mind is important in everything. So I started to work as GSK MR, which is communication specialist, to widely understand human medical field. Now I am working as MSL to get more knowledge about the medical expertise, the structure of Japanese medical field and future trends. I came to want to try my strength in the completely different environment. And then, there is PULSE.

Although I have many things I want to try during PULSE, I hope to focus on that maximizing other’s merit simultaneously lead to maximizing my merit. As is often with daily life inside and outside GSK, just saying the right thing does not equal making others understood or making situation better. If I could do this, I can negotiate with anyone like who disagree to my opinion and I could overcome any situation. After back to GSK, I embody and show that maximizing team member’s, department’s, GSKJ’s and GSK’s merit lead to my growth and then to achieving my goal in life at the same time. When anyone can think like me, it makes people more motivated to work together and get GSK bond stronger. Finally, both GSK and I can achieve each goal.


We can grab our success by contributing to others.

Let’s make the world better because it invaluably leads to our success!!

Thank you.


I am leaving Japan tomorrow (Jul/13/2017).

I am very excited and cannot wait to join Malaria Consortium Cambodia!!



















PULSEは参加者の能力に応じたボランティア活動で、GSKが掲げているdo more、feel better、live longer の達成に貢献する非常に価値あるプログラムです。私の場合は獣医師で、MRやMSLの経験を合わせカンボジアでマラリアやデング熱の撲滅活動に従事することが決まっています。

PULSE参加者は“Change Communities”, “Change yourself” and “Change GSK”の3つの観点でNGOそしてGSKに貢献することが期待されています。「自分の殻をやぶり、周囲に良い影響を与え、組織を動かす」この考えは何をするにも必要とされる共通の本質で、だれもが目標達成に欠かせない価値観でもあります。もちろん、PULSEに応募すること自体が既に自分を変えることへの挑戦でもありますので、PULSEにぜひ応募してみてください!





私は自分の挑戦を通じて、do more、feel better、 live longer を体現します!



世界の公衆衛生を改善するためには、医療全体に対する広い知識と深い理解が必要です。そのためには日本の医療を理解し、それを軸に世界と比べ全体を理解していく必要があると考えました。ですので、私は日本の医療を広く知るためにGSK MRとして働き始め、現在は医学的な専門知識や日本の医療の全体像、そして今後の動向を把握するためにMSLに挑戦しています。学んだことをより応用し価値ある結果を出すために全く異なる環境で挑戦してみたいと思っていた所にPULSEの応募メールが届き、すぐに上長に相談しました。








  1. Hi Ruji! I could better understand about you and your background about joining PULSE. Looking forward to aother series of nice articles. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for your better understanding me!
      I am looking forward to reading your article, too.
      Keep in touch!

  2. Hi Ruji, a great way to keep everyone posted on your PULSE adventure. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor!

    1. Thank you Kelly!
      Cambodia and Philipine are so close. So, let’s do skype when we both are available.
      And make PULSE journey much better! haha
      show our possibility to all GSK employees!

  3. Good luck Ryuji – good to see you have packed all the right things in your suitcase and in your head for a really successful assignment!

  4. Thank you for all your help.
    Yeah, I thought so but some people told me that my packing was not perfect.haha
    But anyway, I could start PULSE journey and enjoy it!

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