Week1 Day1


I’ve made it through customs with ease (big sigh of relief) and I’m now sitting at the gate waiting to board my (delayed, of course) flight to New York.

This is actually happening!?

I have somehow managed to pack 3 seasons worth of casual and business clothes, shoes, toiletries, and accessories into a suitcase and am headed on a 6 month adventure volunteering with Save The Children at their head office in Fairfield, CT.

I’m sure week one will be a whirlwind. With starting my new role, getting acquainted with my new team, finding the basics like a grocery store, figuring out the train system, apartment hunting in Manhattan, and whatever else may be in store… I’m not sure I’ll even have time to take a breath…but I am so excited to see and experience the change I can help make to people, places and things that are so beyond me.

Now here’s to hoping my luggage finds me on the other side of this flight!!


  1. Enjoy – sounds awesome! ….and added benefit you’ll get to an Oilers game at the Garden or at the Devils in NJ 😉

  2. New York is awesome! You’re going to have so much fun!! And I am sure you will also do some great work at Save. Hope the apartment hunting was successful. And I agree with Robert…go see the Devils in Newark, NJ. Though watching the Rangers in MSG would be a great experience too. Just a few more months until hockey season…

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