I am

This this my first blog….this history has started  6 months ago …I was starting my PULSE application.

So many thoughts in my mind about this fantastic opportunity to participate in the work of an NGO for give a contribution for  improving people health.

And now fantasy became reality!…I have the opportunity to live an experience in a “no profit world” and not only reading description from a magazine or a documentary;

Today my assignment has started….I will work in Madagascar for UNICEF.

The first thing I noticed entering in the hall of the UNICEF palace is a panel reporting the goals of the organization for a “Sustainable development”.

My project will make a contribution for one of these goals : the “Climat change”.

Change to climate is a big world issue; the organization is developing a program to address and respond to the impact of Climate & Environmental Changes in Madagascar; focusing on the great impact on child nutrition and health.

So let’ s go in this new adventure!

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  1. Enjoy your experience Ilaria and share your impressions and activities there!! I am looking forward to listen to your adventure and I am sure that you will have the chance to make the difference being part of an important project for UNICEF 🙂

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