Say “YES” to adventure

Welcome to my blog where I’ll be telling you about my Pulse volunteering journey 2017.

June will be my 1st month for Volunteer

For all of you who are not so familiar with the Pulse volunteering program, The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GSK’s flagship skills-based volunteering initiative, where motivated employees are matched to non-profit organizations for 3 or 6 months full-time to help solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad.

I want to share you all my motivation to apply this program

  1. I need some changes which should deliver new experience to me. I have worked for marketing for many years in international company and 5 years in GSK. I am still enjoy my job and ambitious on my assigned brand . Even though it is tough and pressure sometimes. But I know “how to deal with it” or How to pass it through”

.  The PULSE program can provide me new experience which I cannot find in any organization. I would like to utilize my capability &  help people who don’t have good opportunity like most of us. I strongly believe that LIFE IS TOO SHORT when I have opportunity to give to others or to society. I should do. GSK also provide a good opportunity to me to follow my dream. In the mean time, I also earn for my life and my family. Then, I decided to apply and if I am not selected. I am still be happy because at least I have tried

  1. The 2nd motivation is my KING. When I was young, I just know that he did lots of good things for THAI. I don’t know any details of it. After he passed away, all medias (TV& online) in Thailand have broadcasted what my king had done. He did many good things his people. He wanted them to live in his country healthy & happily. He initiated 4,100 projects within 70years. It means 4 projects a month or 1 project a week without holidays or vacations. He is my inspiration to do and return good thing to society. GSK PULSE Volunteer give me a chance to contribute my knowledge and capability to the society and I don’t have any reason not to apply.

About myself, I am Senior Brand Activation Manager based in Bangkok, Thailand, I got assignment with NGO named Healthcare Innovation in US. I will be Project Manager for Southeast Asia Healthcare Innovation. I will act as a point-person on the ground for network development, connecting with key stake holders  and supporting pilot projects across the region and will conduct literature reviews, site visits, and expert interviews with key stakeholders to understand and strengthen the landscape of innovation and policy within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Lastly, Thank you my boss JF to give me an opportunity. Thank you all colleagues to run ongoing project smoothly during transition period. Very appreciated it.

For the next six months I will be updating this blog with my experiences and stories. I hope you will be inspired by this

Stay tuned and please come with me on this journey! I am looking forward to share more after I fully in charge of the new assignment




  1. Looking forward to read all the interesting good work that you are doing for the community and the people. You can make a difference!

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