June 23


Time to go!

Today is the big day… ! Time to fly to Zambia! I feel excited and full of energy… and moreover, not alone… I will join my future co-volunteer from GSK Montrose and we feel already so much connected, that is the BEAUTY of GSK network across the world! We received our planning for the next 2 weeks and we already start on Monday June 26th by an induction in the morning and a field visit in the afternoon in the rural areas! We are so excited! I will bring some Belgian biscuits (speculoos) and chocolates for sharing  during the induction morning…! On tuesday, we will meet our GSK colleagues from South Africa! And the week after, we will travel one day to join the other side of the country for another field visit and distribution center! Let’s go take the plane and join my future co-volunteer, Kirsty!