A single raindrop….

As I have been preparing to go on a 6 month GSK Volunteer assignment in Rwanda called “PULSE” strangely enough I began to think of myself as a raindrop. A single raindrop doesn’t matter much but it can evoke strong emotions: anticipation of a cooling rain, disappointment that the rain is coming and might ruin your outdoor plans, anger that the weathermen did not predict rain today, regret that you left your umbrella at home or joy that your garden will be refreshed.  Ultimately, if the rain doesn’t come the raindrop made no difference in your day.

So by now you are wondering why do I feel like a raindrop; what is my analogy? I have been given a wonderful opportunity by GSK to work with Partners in Health (PIH) supporting a breast cancer study and the neonatal nursing program at 3 PIH hospitals in rural Rwanda.  As a single “raindrop”, I will make no difference in the people I plan to serve.  However, when I “join” with other raindrops I become part of rain and the world is changed.  The rain turns the grassland in the Serengeti from brown to green, the wildebeest migrate, crops flourish, people are fed, flowers bloom and the rivers swell.  Without the rain, the world is barren.

Many generous of caring individuals, past and present, from NGOs, churches, corporations, have provided a steady “rainfall” that has sustained those impoverished in their local communities and in faraway places around the world. Seventy-five PULSE volunteers will deploy across the world this year, barely an ounce of water if it were to be measured, however, if you add in all the previous PULSE volunteers (over 600), the PULSE support team that makes this program happen, my GSK colleagues who support my leave, the NGO I will partner with, I am part of a “downpour.  I am confident that together we can enrich the lives of many; I am grateful for your support and to be a “raindrop”!




  1. You will make an everlasting impact on their lives, as they will on yours! What an amazing opportunity for all. Safe travels 🙂

  2. Enjoy your time with this fabulous cause! We will miss you, but congratulation on joining the downpour!

  3. Your raindrop is like a hail, you will take Rwanda by storm. Thanks for sharing this beautiful analogy. Can’t wait to hear about your service and adventures.

  4. Amakuru Sue. There’s no doubt you will provide a benefit to all whom you will encounter. Keep us posted and hope to see you there. Safari sana-Andrew

  5. Great Analogy!
    Rwanda is an amazing place. Enjoy that first torrential downpour. A quick burst of raindrops making a difference to the community, just like the PULSE volunteers!

  6. A wonderful analogy and something we can all relate you. Wish you all the success in this assignment and hope your raindrop brings that much needed downpour. Will miss you but knowing what you are doing is just awesome 🙂

  7. I have to disagree with you just a tad, Susan. You say that as a single raindrop you will make no difference in the people you serve. You are mistaken! A raindrop landing in a body of water creates a ripple effect that has far reaching impact. “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” Dalai Lama We both know the Dalai Lama can’t be wrong! LOL!. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!! Enjoy and take it all in!!

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