June 16


One week before flying to Zambia

In one week time, I will be in the plane flying to Lusaka, in Zambia to join Care International team for the Live Well programme. Over the last weeks, I went through a large amount of emotions… but I must say that today, I am pretty excited and I really look forward to meeting the local team and partners as well as my co-volunteer, Kirsty from GSK Montrose. Thanks to many calls I received from members or past members of the Live Well project, I now better understand this programme supported by GSK, Barclays and the NGO Care International.  It is quite an expected programme through the healhcare landscape as it is aiming at developing a business model to improve access to healthcare products for local zambians. And after the great 3 days training we got early june with the Pulse team, I feel re-energized and overall, not alone to live this coming challenge. We are a great pool of volunteers that will live such a once-lifetime experience… at such point that we already linked all together in the most natural way I’ve ever seen! It is now time to pack… and I will try to bring some chocolates with me as I am strongly addicted to it! Next week will be the last days to say goodbye to colleagues in Belgium on the Vaccines site and friends around…The picture is a map I received and is quite helpful to better locate Zambia for those who may have never heard about this country!