Grateful. Empowered. Excited.

Grateful.Empowered. Excited. Those were just 3 of many words generated by my fellow PULSE volunteers during the US training session when we were asked to described how we were feeling at the at the end of our 3 day PULSE training session. I was able to meet 9 other inspiring GSK employees all of which are about to embark on their PULSE journey.

As for me, after making it through 4 months of applications, questionnaires, and interviews, I have successfully matched with East Durham Children’s Initiative in Durham, North Carolina and will be working with them for the next 6 months. More to come on what I will be doing with them in my next post.

So what is PULSE?

The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GSK’s skills based volunteer program. This program sends out volunteers locally and globally for 3 or 6 months and allows employees to lend their expertise to help our non-profit partners. Since its launch in 2009 GSK has sent over 600 volunteers worldwide and worked with 112 non-profit organizations.

I am beyond GRATEFUL for the opportunity that GSK has provided me with to be able to volunteer my skills to a nonprofit within my community.  I feel EMPOWERED after meeting so many like minded individuals all within GSK and all with their own unique life stories. Lastly, I feel EXCITED to begin this new adventure!


  1. Very much looking forward to following your journey, Megan! With your great attitude and persistence, you’re bound to create some wonderful experiences for yourself and others on your PULSE assignment. Wishing you the very best at the start of this journey!!

  2. I think you are a great fit for this! I can’t wait to see the work that you’ll do and the experiences you’ll have. Good luck! I know QC will miss you.

  3. What a terrific opportunity, Megan! I know you will leave a positive impact on many young lives.

  4. I know you will do well on this exciting opportunity! I am so proud of you for wanting to give back to the community. Your energy, motivation and attitude will help you accomplish all that you set out to do! Keep us in Zebulon posted on your journey.

  5. Excellent job Megan! I know you will make a positive impact and have great experiences going forward with this assignment. Good luck!

  6. Powerful words, Megan!! I know you will make GSK proud. Have fun and I look forward to hearing about your adventures and contributions!!

  7. It was a pleasure to share this first Pulse moment with you. Wish all the success for you my dear. Hope this experience can be unforgettable in a positive way.

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