Nearly There!

I am dipping my toe in the water here trying to write my first ever Blog! I’d really like to use this forum to let people know about all of the interesting experiences I will have in Swaziland.  I have learned a lot already about Africa and the CHAI project I will be part of in a few weeks.  I have tons of reading material that will help to pass the time on the long flight to Johannesburg.  I am nervous, excited and feeling extremely busy as I tie up my responsibilities here.  But overall I am feeling very lucky to have this great opportunity through GSK and the PULSE program.  More later!


  1. Barbara I completed my PULSE assignment with CHAI in Vietnam last year. Great organization full of passionate people focused on a common mission. I look forward to following your blog! Congratulations

  2. Barbara – I am so excited to hear about your experiences and get more details about what you will be doing! The first time I even heard about Swaziland was when you mentioned it at PULSE training. I hope you’ll throw in some Swaziland facts in each blog entry. 🙂

  3. All the very best to you, Barbara! Glad you’re venturing into the world of blogging! It was a new experience to me too when I first became a PULSE volunteer, so don’t be shy in telling your stories through this forum or through Yammer. Looking forward to following you on your journey and supporting you along the way!

  4. It was so great to meet you during your orientation week. I can’t wait to follow your adventures. Let me know if you have any questions along the way…. happy to help in anyway possible. So excited for you!

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