Thank you!

Well it has been 3 months since I returned  from Vietnam and I have been struggling on how to close out this amazing experience.   Dont Cry

Then last week I saw a phrase by Dr. Seuss that I found very fitting for this post.  This has truly been a life changing experience and I want to thank you for following my journey.  Thank you to the PULSE team at GSK for the opportunity of a life-time.  Without the support of my family and colleagues this would not have been possible… thank you!

I am proud of the work I did in Vietnam and feel I made a difference.   The rewards are mutual, I have been blessed again being exposed to a new culture and meeting so many wonderful people has changed my view of the world.   I would like to close this post with a video highlighting the people and places that made my journey so special.  Enjoy and cảm ơn !     Bob








  1. Awesome video, Bob! The pictures are beautiful. Not surprised so many of them include people, and especially children. You are definitely the man with WOO who never met a stranger. Kudos to you for drinking this experience in like fine wine. What wonderful memories you have come home with!

    1. Great prospective Meredith ! I was blessed to have this experience so I fully immersed myself in the community and feel in love with the people of Vietnam. A experience like this you gain more than you give….

  2. Bob. This is one of my favorite songs! Really fitting end to a remarkable assignment. Thanks for taking me along on your journey!!

  3. Stunning pictures reflecting a lifetime of memories, Bob! It’s been a pleasure following you on your journey! Love the Dr. Seuss quote!

  4. Bob, Way to bring it as usual…..It’s not always about the me mentality and you definitely proved that.

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