What did you do for me Teranga!!

Is there any extension option?

This is my last week in Dakar, few days and I will be back home.

Two figures are fighting in my head, the one who arrived to Dakar on October 11th and was crying to go back home, with the other one who’s preparing to pack up to going back.

It’s like the old cassette tape, when you stop the running song and you click on the rewind button to return back to the old track.

During my journey in Dakar, I used to play Tennis regularly, the stadium is located on an area where the aircraft are passing from above constantly.

Each time I hear the sound of the engine I raise my head, I look to the aircraft and I say “Take me home with you”. Few weeks ago, I started when I hear the roar to ask the aircraft “please give me more time here.”

What a weird nature human being.

Heading out to the unknown is much easier than returning back to the well-known situation.

Starting by adapting to a new culture new environment new mind set new people new role and new ways of working, I’ve acquired the knowledge to well manage PATH e-learning platform, pass on the experience to other colleagues to ensure the continuity of progress in order to reach the desired goal.

I’ve worked in collaboration with MOH, la DLMNT, to assess the situation and the management of NCDs in Senegal and I’ve worked with the IT department of the MOH by sharing my expertise for a successful train the trainer workshop.

And other tools have been initiated in order to bring sustainable change to the community.


At the personal level, pulse assignment has grown on me the value of gratitude and has showed me the person I want to be.

This great feeling that invade you when you see the joy and happiness in the eyes of people that appreciate the little things you do, when you destroy the beliefs and concepts created throughout history and you embrace the difference in all its aspect



With lots of lovely memories, valuable learning experience and unforgettable people whom became part of my life…I’m leaving you Dakar.

Thank you for each and every Senegalese and African person who was behind my smile during this dear journey to my heart.


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