1. Dear Rima! I enjoyed this post so much!!!! it just brought back so many recent memories for me! I cannot believe it’s been 2 months since my return from Senegal!
    I am so proud of you: you found your way – and I don’t mean directions 🙂 – in Dakar.
    I am sure you are preparing to go back to Lebanon with a heavy heart but with fond memories of this beautiful country. These will be with you forever. One of the best memories for me: having met you. All the best on the last 2 weeks of your assignment!

  2. OMG Helene when I read your words I could imagine myself after 2 months. too much memories indeed and lovely memories. when I started doing this movie I had a concern not to find enough good photos with me but when I checked my SD cards I got lost which photos I have to choose.
    I do remember you each day specially your last days here, since I start working on my PDP 🙂
    I feel like I’m going to leave a part of me here in Dakar it’s so tough that there are people who became so dear to my heart that I will never see them again.
    actually we did lots of things together Helene it was a great pleasure for me meeting you here.
    Until we meet again, the world is small.

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