Amazing experience by all means


Finally one step forward…

I have received an invitation from the IT department of the MOH to assist to the train the trainer workshop, as PATH representative.

PATH has developed and shared with the MOH an e-learning platform that aim to ensure the continuous education of the health professionals for a proper management of the NCDs at primary care facilities.

At PATH we build as well the content of the platform based on protocols sent and approved by the MOH.

This workshop is a stage leading to the launch of the pilot phase to involve primary care facilities in the management of NCDs.

The workshop has been held in Saly, 1 hour far away from Dakar.


First impression, at the arrival, what an amazing place.

The rooms are housed in cottages which have been constructed the African way using mud and straw. Scattered around a verdant garden.

Your eyes would never tire of looking at the beauty and splandour of this lovely architecture.

Day 1, I was the only non-Senegalese person.

When I entered the meeting room, I was observed by around 17 people representing the IT departement, members and chief, and others NGOs partners.

The weirdest feeling ever, being the stranger, I presented myself and I took my seat.

The chief announced the start of the workshop by reading the terms of reference and the agenda.

In the middle of this day and to break the ice, I asked the chief to take a group photo for all the participants at the end of the day.

with a big smiles 🙂


Think out of the box, it made the change, I could create a healthy and interactive working environment.

It’s a matter of acceptance and perception, once you are accepted and well perceived, people listen interact and agree.

Now, I’m participating to an IT workshop with a group of computer scientists, with my modest IT skills.

Even though, to master you have to practice and since I’ve been working for 3 months on this platform, by creating a complete courses including the modules, quizzes, certificates…I was the expert so far.

I had my input, I’ve participated in clarifying some points and I got the opportunity to conduct a session about how to manage the quiz part on the platform.

It was a very good and interactive session, and it was well appreciated by all the participants.


From being the stranger at the first day to become a member of the IT family in the next 3 days.

It’s all about attitude, behaviour and respect, master your knowledge and skills and you have then an open door straight forward to the heart and mind of any human being irrespective their colour, religion or culture.

I was delighted by the compliments I heard during this workshop and I was overwhelmed by their care, respect and love that I’ll never forget.

Last but not least, one more learning, when you shake hands with your left hand, that’s mean, it’s never a good-bye but until we meet again. Since the left hand is in the same side as the heart.

I had the privilege to have this left shake hands before the departure.

At the end the project is moving forward for a better management of NCDs in Senegal, and I’ve gained a Senegalese family and memories for life.

Attitude+Knowledge+Respect=Acceptance Progress.

Equation that would never fail.



  1. I love the equation! I will be referring back to this as I lead my new team! Thank you for sharing. Great insights and a beautiful place too.

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