Turning point: Evolution!

Come back to GSK Rosia Vaccine site and hard to say goodbye to my PULSE adventure and all people met during this adventure! My farewell was an impressive and emotional moment, celebrated with all Direct Relief staff!  Most of them become my adoptive family and, honestly, a part of me is still with them at Direct Relief!


I looked at behind me reflecting on the most meaningful learning experiences come out from my amazing PULSE assignment, realizing all Direct Relief people have left a significant mark on my life and are leaving it right now as well. Faces, places, excursions, activities, emotions, struggles, challenges, prayers, happiness, sadness, and hopes… a mix of all emotions!!

Just few but really intense six months lived with my own, learning to know better myself and making effort on my potentiality.

Each daily unexpected difficulty, if lived “in extremis conditions”, is like small learning lesson that allows you to come out the best of yourself. Every great and small physical or mental effort requires a personal sacrifice but, in the meantime, enhances you in front of any obstacles, making stronger and more reactive. Before you accept this reality in your life, before you get the ability to respond to its challenges powerfully!

So, if you stay positive and confide always in all which you believe in, your resilience curve is going up! And you will discover that you can change your “turning point” into your “evolution point” for your continue personal grow! This is not the end but the beginning to write a “new page” of life!

And remember…even if nobody has control over an unexpected event to you, surely you can decide “how” to deal with it!!

Indeed, if look at behind me on how many struggles I overcome so far, I realized God is my strength that helps me to go on everywhere I am and however it turn out. He walked by my side step by step and, even if I was so many miles and miles far by home, now I know he is  close to me. This is my biggest awareness achieved, living a similar experience, and I love to share this truth with all you!


I suggest and encourage everyone want to offer their own precious living time for an honorable reason: to help the needs. PULSE is a unique and wonderful experience that not only change you completely and change the community where you stay, but also offer you a great opportunity: that’s to give the best of yourself!

I would like to express my gratitude to all GSK PULSE Team, my Line Manager Francesca Maestrini, my mentor Laura Musumarra, my coach Luca Benza and my Pulse Buddy Piervirgilio Parrella, for all great support provided and for this unique living experience shared together!

And a special thank to Nik, my old friend..my inspiraction of this journey! You are and will be always with me!

All the best of you, dear reader!img_20160806_154514

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