MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME; A Joy Shared is a Joy Doubled.

On arrival in Nepal, I realized that a friend of mine that I had met a little over ten years ago had traveled to Kathmandu as a pilgrim. Unfortunately, he got arrested and had been in jail for a while. His family back home was restless trying to acquire information about his whereabouts and health status.

Therefore, I took upon myself to visit him in jail and simultaneously support his family and the Kenyan government who were trying to facilitate his release. The process took six months ( my entire assignment duration) because of the huge fine of USD 3000 he was supposed to pay, as well as,  the government’s bureaucratic system in Nepal. This experience showed me what foreigners go through in a host country, especially if they break the law; but I chose not to abandon his plight because I believe every human being deserves a second chance no matter what.

Fast track to a few days close to the end of my assignment, the Nepal government had not reviewed his deportation file, and no one else was available to follow up/ facilitate the release process after my departure. I shared the sad news with him, family & the Kenyan government official and many hearts were broken, hope lost, and the suffering continued.

On the last Sunday, as I was packing, I received a call, and his file has been cleared. Tears of joy came to my eyes and immediately called the Kenyan Ambassador based in India, his mom and asked them to facilitate his return ticket to Kenya. God had planned for us to come back home together, and that’s exactly what happened, the Kenyan government official booked his flight on the same flight I was to take, and after reaching Doha, we sat in adjacent seats. We flew together to Nairobi where we were met by his family members, and I witnessed a strong family bond that was never broken, their lost son has returned home.

After this experience, I realized one thing; that I never chose Nepal, it chose me. It was destined for Nono to be there at that time. And after this, I came back home and found a new purpose in life through my motorcycle riding. The PULSE gene has mutated, and now I’m planning to raise USD 1,000 and donate it to deaf children initiatives by the end of 2017. Follow my new purpose on facebook page;

And this was my last Memory of a life time in Nepal, where i have chosen to share my story with you, always remember, a Joy shared is a Joy Doubled.



    1. Wow, awesome story, very inspiring for us all to ensure we leave a positive mark in the lives of those with whom we interact in life. Love the motor bike. All the best with the fundraising

  1. The best story I have read in a long time. True… Nepal chose you and that’s why you were able to find and help a friend. Blessings Nono

  2. Very impressive! Helping others and making life better for mankind gives life a true meaning. GSK and Pulse programme ultimately made this happen for Nono as has for many other people. Indeed, WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS!

  3. This is what we call Divine connection, may blessings abound in your life. You have golden heart and truly live the GSK values.

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