Knowing is a thing and seeing is a totally different thing


We always hear about the suffering of millions of people around the globe from everyday disease, the inadequate treatment and how many people don’t have access to essential health services particularly in developing countries.

But you will never figure out the real meaning of this suffering unless you could see with your own eyes the difficulties that people have to face to reach out to a primary care provider and the financial burden to afford the treatment cost or even the minimal requirement of medical analysis.

After 3 months in Dakar, I had the opportunity to go for a field visit with the MOH division of NCDs (Non communicable diseases) in a mission of supervision to follow up on a training done for a better management of NCDs in the primary health structure.

And here we go, on our way to Bambey, it is around 2 hours and a half away from Dakar.1

And you are at the heart of the tough life, where you have to work hard to get the basics of a primitive life, to survive.2

We live on the same planet, but we have the luxury to drive a car and they have to ride his donkey cart for hours under the sun’s heat to get a primary healthcare.

Would you imagine a pregnant woman suffering from hypertension riding this cart to reach her health care provider, or the endurance an old man must have in order to receive his right of hospitalisation in such living condition.

Although we did not address the financial burden for these low income people to control their chronic disease, in the absence of any medical coverage, that will affect at the end the quality of life of the whole family members.

In addition to that, we don’t have to forget a basic point which is the quality of the NCD management and prevention provided at the level of the primary car structures, where PATH team with the MOH Division of NCDs and different stakeholders work on piloting a model of involving primary care facilities in the management of NCDs by using an innovative technology that aims to consistently educate and update the health providers in these facilities.

And to close with this funny goat that rushed up to steel the food of 2 street vendors while they were exhibit their products to us.3

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