180 days in Africa!


1st day: Take me back home!

Last day: I don’t want to leave Tanzania!

What happened in between? That is what I will try to summarize in the following lines;

I learned in 180 days more than I have learned in my past 5 to 7 years may be! These days changed my life, now I am more active, more energetic, more open to people, to travel, to life and to new cultures.

I met people who believe in god, I met others who don’t believe in anything, I met Muslims, Christians, Hindus, even new religions that I never heard about.

I met people who are going for business, others going for charity, others going to volunteer, others going just to travel and explore, and others who are going to search for a new life.

I met rich, moderate and poor people. I met families, solo travellers, couples, single ladies/Men.

I met old, middle age and young people. I met more than 25 different nationalities from the entire world covering all the continents.

Imagine meeting all these different types of humans in 180 days only, where they have different beliefs, different views, different purpose of lives, different cultures, and different life experience, more and more, everything is different than your own!

Any single info you gain from one person you meet, each situation pop up to you, each story you hear, each experience you face, even your new daily routine, each culture difference you see and deal with, each idea you get, more and more ….these are the things that build your new personality & your new life. These are the fundamentals that you can build on your new era in life.

“The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page” I realized how true is this quote, and I have started the 1st page in my new bookJ.

I have learned to cherish what I have, I more convinced to give more and be happy, I have overcome my fears, and increased my confidence, I have a new image to the world now.

I advise all people to travel, to go for new experience and to give more and more and to be fearless as If you let the fear control you then you will never succeed, you will never explore new places, you will never meet new people and new cultures! And the most important you will not be able to learn new things in your life.

This is not the end, it is just a start, and I encourage all GSK employees to go for this experience!

Finally, this is my last blog! So I have to thank everyone I met during these 180 days, everyone who taught me something new and something different. I want to thank my family and friends for support and love. I want to thank pulse team for extreme help and for giving me this chance. I  want to thank my 2 pulse colleagues that I met in Tanzania for all the good memories we had together, and also those I met in Turkey want to thank all my GSK Egypt team for covering my work during this stay .And finally the most important;I want to thank my line manager for supporting me and giving me approval to go on this assignment. This is a small appreciation note for all these people who affected my life positively.

Till we meet again 🙂







  1. Perfectly summed up about how these 180 days will change someone. Good luck on your re-entry, and enjoy the next pages of your book!

  2. As a PULSE alum, I will agree with everything you have said. I spent my time in Ghana and have been back to the African continent 3 times since my return from my assignment. I love the quote: The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page!

    Thanks for explaining in one blog what I have been trying to explain for the last 3 years since my return. Just keep the momentum going and continue to be the change!

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