Looking at these posts how volunteers are living the last moments of their missions, while I am still in the middle of my assignment.

One of them it was the case of my teammate in the NCD team at PATH-Dakar when she was finalising her PDP, hand over the roles she was accountable for, and collecting her personal stuff the last day at the office.

Even the day after, the thing that we couldn’t witness is how they unplug the connectivity equipment our desk and the office becomes ready to welcome the next volunteer or contract.

At PATH, my role consist on working with the Ministry of Health (Division of NCDs), PATH team and the relevant stakeholders (Private sector, other NGOs) in piloting interventions that address NCDs in Senegal in primary care setting.

The most difficult part of my assignment is dealing with the MOH. While on pulse assignment, in order to serve the community, you find yourself acquiring new skills, understanding and accepting different perspectives.

For the first time, this was my reaction when I got a reply from the MOH after sending several messages, and e-mails.


You learn patience, persistence, you become expert in follow-up on your tasks and duties. And most of all, reinforce your creativity, by having plan A and B and C…

It’s been 2 months till now waiting to accompany the MOH in their field visit which has been postponed for 5 times.. and still waiting..

Away from work

One of the amazing places to be visited in Senegal is the Lac Rose or the pink lake of Senegal.


It’s known by its high salt content up to 380-400mg/L, its pink colour is caused by bacteria, which is attracted by the lake’s salt content. The bacteria produces a red pigment in order to absorb the sunlight, thus giving the lake its unique colour.


When visiting the lake you will see Salt collectors extracting the salt from the bottom of the lake using their hands.

A total of 1500 people from Senegal and different African countries are working in the salt harvesting, transporting, drying and trading the mineral.


Even more, I had the chance to feel the experience and visit the race track of Dakar rally where the high speed and the powerful engines used to compete with each other, since the lake has been the finish point of the well-known Dakar rally before it moved to South America.

Another touristic and painful place to visit is the Island of Goree.

You will be amazed be its beautiful and fantastic nature


However, it embodies through the home of slaves “La maison des esclaves” the dirtiest forms of injustice in the history of humanity.





  1. Thanks for giving us an insight in to your work at PATH and the skills you have developed, as well as showing us what you have been doing in your free time Rima. The pink lake is very unique and must be amazing to see. I look forward to your next updates.
    Best wished, Emma.

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