End is Just a Beginning.


“Sometimes The Things We Can’t Change End Up Changing Us”.

Now i am threshold of my assignment .If Good thing happens at the end that make you more stronger. It happen to me as well Regional council meeting was planned at the end. from 19th to 21st December in Srilanka. I proceed to Srilaka on 18th night all other reach on 18th itself. I stayed in Beach Hotel it was amazing our host is great personality and so generous.We had full day discussion about the way forward for the region .

467Second day we visit Negambo Cheshire home  we were really amazed the way they are managing the home like a star Hotel , everything placed on the right place and super clean  and hygiene were managed. Third Day Colombo Cheshire home visit you can see in pictures million dollar smiles on the face of Residents.


Now the day has come to end , i went to CH Banglore all LRC staff given me farewell and share their experiences of working with me on “Walkathon “.


And final farewell by my LCD colleagues. Its superb working with these amazing people .


Looking forward what i can do better in our organization.





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