Do you believe in magic? John Sebastian

We just had 2 huge events this past month that the team I am on executed – HYPE summits (Healthy You Positive Energy) – one for high schools and one for middle schools. These events are an experience that is even hard to write on paper.

Imagine a room full of 200+ youth all part of their schools trying to make healthy valued in their schools and communities. They work as small, mighty teams, independently across the city but then you bring them together for 1 day and it is nothing short of magic. It is truly a movement!

With all that is not so right in the world – I think we could all use a little magic in our life and they say pictures are worth a thousand words so I am going to leave it there …

This is how the day was kicked off for the middle schools  … Franklin the 76ers mascot and 76ers dunk squad add-on Sterlen Barr and his crew and there was no way you could not catch the movement! Check out this video & follow Get HYPE follow to see the action live!


HYPE Summit Middle School class of 2016hypems

I bought in to the HYPE – have you?!te2_4577v2

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  1. I know how much you loved working with this group & I know they’ll truly miss you but knowing that you touched so many youth in such s positive way is a priceless gift. Go HYPE!

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