2 months after Matthew: hurricane outside…and inside!

(I wrote this post in december 2016, published it for a few hours, took it away… was not sure what to do with it, but I now decide it has to stay. It is my personal experience afterall, and probably some of you would have felt the same.)

It’s been 2 months since my last post. Since #HurricaneMatthew. I wanted to digest my feelings and emotions first. I’ll try to summarize. Maybe telegraphic style will be appropriate, as telegraphic speech is a characteristic speech pattern of […] adults who may have suffered from strokes or some other form of damage to parts of the brain.

 Port au Prince not dammaged/ South devastated/ Next day ready to go to the field/ runners and food in my bag /first evaluations needed /next day nothing happened /wait for coordination / next week nothing happened /big frustration /wait for coordination /arrival of foreign staff /fundraising and visibility /actions? / try to coordinate… /learnings from 2010 earthquake? /foreign staff take it over /not much integration of local staff /leadership?? /offer myself for whatever /not much answer/resilience /keep focus on usual tasks /doesn’t make sense /big frustration /PAP insecurity – shootings twice at the corner of my street /very scary /home visit /recharge energies /back: finally one field trip! /communication team: pictures and case studies /schools reopen /expensive mobile clinics /people say they need more food and bricks than doctors… /feel so sorry /presidential elections time /messy /international staff “hibernate” in fancy beach resort /I go to GSK Dominican Republic /stick to my values /great support from TEPOG Teddies ❤ and Pulse coordinator /I can finally walk free in the streets J /enjoyed the week end /back at Save the Children /resilience /focus on Every Last Child campaign /continuous in and out of foreign staff for emergency response /kits distributions and Child Friendly Spaces in place in South /still not implied /feel out of scope /disappointed /out of my control zone /resilience /designed a new Keep it Simple training tool for Every Last Child campaign /capacity building /to be continued…


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  1. Hi Albane,

    Strong personal emotions are what makes PULSE such a valuable experience. I am sure that most alumni have in mind a time during their assignment where their beliefs have been challenged by what they experienced. This is part of the PULSE journey.
    Take care

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