All good things come to the end

Last week I came back home. My project finished at the end of November so there was no reason for staying any longer. It seems to me very strange that the PULSE experience is finished, after one year. These days, last December I was extremely excited because I was about to apply but I was also very scared that my supervisor back that days would have said “no”. He said yes, instead but Many things have been changed since then. He changed in the first place as he is not in gsk anymore. Thanks God. Despite everything, I was able to leave and made a great project. Yes, I really think I have done a great job and I am saying that not only because all the people that worked with me said so. During my final presentation to my NGO, the district I worked with attended too and those people are now supposed to take my heritage as a starting point for make the changes Uganda needs. And,the day after, during my farewell party, one of the guy I worked the most with told me the most important thing: health workers in the clinics you worked are now thinking of you when it comes to do the best things for the patients. Now I know that my project will help the community served by “my” health centers. I don’t think the PULSE program is for everyone and I don’t think my project is for everyone. So, I can say “well done, Federica”. If someone is interested in reading my final report, please feel free to contact me. I would be pleased to share it. I will present it at the next Town Hall but I will have just 15 minutes…not very much considering it took me 40 for presenting it to my group! But I will try to do my best, as always.

So, in this last post, I would like to thank everyone that took few minutes to read my posts in this period, hope everybody enjoyed them. Thanks to my friends and colleagues that loved me and supported me while I was away. The warm hugs I got when I came back are the proof of how much I am loved and I feel really blessed for it. A special thanks goes to my new supervisor that allowed me to leave in a very chaotic moment. And, of course, to Mandi Eubanks that was with me from the beginning to the end.

For the strength of the pack is in the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is in the pack.


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