Disability Day Wonderful Moment of Life


The moment I received the mail of my NGO manager that I have to arrange and see the visibility part of 3rd Dec. program on world Disability Day. I was thinking what to do so it will add some value in the profile of my NGO and the project of Global Alliance, my worry was how to conduct and manage all 30 NGOs in one go. Since I learn that lead by example, sitting in regional office how to make a change in the profile of 30 NGOs.

Then I made a plan and went to meet board member of Bangalore CH to discuss to arrange a run on the so our visibility will increase. Almost one to two hour I discuss the all aspects of run how do we move forward, finally I was able to convince him for my proposal.

He called LRC manager to discuss about  3rd Dec. Plan she had a plan she discuss with me and described her plan , it was good one but somehow I convinced her to go with my plan. This was amazing moment for me that they convinced with my proposal.


Struggle start from there the time passes in own speed and struggle to see the progress in fact we were worried about result. It was the first time any NGO were doing such program without any help  . we decided to take help of Event management company, But no one come forward when they know that NGO is doing so they were thinking they will not spend money. Then finally we thought of our all our corporate who are associated with us to approach. We prepare proposal send across the wonderful response we received from corporate they took hand in hand we got sponsorship and volunteers as well for event. Fear of failure was continuing we already booked Cubbon park. We received letter from Cubbon park Authority of confirmation as well lot of restriction, I went personally with my NGO person and try to understand so that  no such problem may occur on event day, we(Director of Cubbon park ) both agree on some point.


Then it come to celebrity, we did not had any clue whom to call and how to get them. Finally with one connection one local Actor is agreed to come ,and then mayor of Banglore , Horticulture Commissioner, and Paralympian who was travelling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on his wheel chair was there at that time has assure to attend.

Final day I woke around 4 am all the logistic we arranged a day before and follow up with volunteers and celebrity .Reach to Cubbon park around 5:30am volunteer started coming and finally around 7:15 I saw almost 600 people were there run was about to start at 7:45 am and all the Guest come on time almost 700 people including 250 Disable participated in Run. We all people were in tear and happiness we done it.


Mayor announced 15Lac rupees she is going to give for disable accessible park in the name of Cheshire Park. So many media covers our event. We all taste the success from the fear of failure.

Thank you.


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