December 05


On the job

 I am winding down my time in the Philippines working with Save the Children. Since a lot of the work is in corporate fundraising I’m not necessarily in the field directly helping kids, but fundraising allows the experts in the field do what they do best. Below is an example of some of the work I’m doing here.

The cover picture is a children’s festival I attended in Davao City- home of the current Philippines president. This festival sponsored by Save the Children brings kids together from across the island of Mindanao. Many of the kids come from different backgrounds with different dialects and religion. The objective is for the kids to share what they perceive as the biggest issues affecting them in their region. It’s a really great way for Save the Children to understand the needs directly from their beneficiaries.

This is a picture with a boy who led the hall in prayer. I don’t think he sees a lot of foreigners from where he is from because after the prayer his Mom rushed all the way to the back of the auditorium just to get a picture of me with her son. I also had her take one with my phone. festival-1

We also had a corporate sponsorship night a month ago to recognize current partners. One of the big partners here no surprise is GSK. Attached is a photo of Save the Children and GSK employees.


Me, Rommel Abuda (GSK), Mike McTernan (STC), Lynn Baxter (GSK), Riel Andulaz (STC), Mike Torres (STC)


One of the new corporate partnerships I worked on is with Oakwood Hotel. They had a Christmas tree lighting event complete with a choir. I was invited to push the button to light the tree along with the General Manager of the property.


One note about the Christmas holiday. I don’t know any country that celebrates it like the Philippines. Things actually started in September. Yes, they do celebrate it in all the “ber” months (September- December). I will be here over the holiday before I head back home, so it should be an interesting time. However, I don’t think the odds are very good that I will experience a “White Xmas.” Probably a 0% chance!

Birthday celebrations are also very popular. It was my birthday here last month and the team surprised with a cake at the office.


If you made it this far thanks again for reading my blog!