Do More and Feel Better…

For the last 3months, we have been busy in assisting the Ministry of Health in developing their budget under the Mid-term Expenditure Framework. One of my key tasks, was to develop a unit cost Database to enhance the budget tool with standardized inputs. I have worked with different departments like the Government Store, Procurement Unit, Accounts Office, various responsibility Centers (Programs, LABS, Hospitals) to get the list of required commodities (Drugs, Medical Equipments, Utilities, Other Consumables –Office supplies, cleaning mats, etc) and unit prices from tenders, contracts, purchase orders. To help also and provide guidance to the users of the budget tool, we simple instruction materials on how to use the Budget tool. Also, we conducted a general budget workshops to kick off the budget development and also the budget tool training to guide the budget holders on how to use the tool. And finally after the budget review and prioritization, the Ministry of Health already submitted its Budget request for 3 fiscal years 2017/18-20.

Another project I did is the mapping of the procurement process of the ministry and wrote SOP to help the Managers of various programmes to have better understanding of the end to end process in order for them to fully utilize the allocated budget.


If you have observed, I am spending most of my time in the office for meetings, trainings, workshops, and talking to different people in the Ministry like Accountants, Administrators, Program Managers. Thus, despite of the busy schedules, I tried to join some other activities like the “Walk for Hunger” and Hiking to create Breast Cancer Awareness. Meeting and talking to random people and hearing their stories inspires me more and gives me more energy to continue what I am doing and to think of doing more to make them feel better.


I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to Lynn Baxter, my Pulse Mentor, and Kelly Sue –my Pulse Job Coach for pushing me and unleashing my own ideas and skills, and to all my mentors, for all your guidance and advises. Thank you also to all my friends, relatives and immediate family for the believing and inspiring me to become a better person.


  1. Great to feel the enthusiasm and purpose in your post! It is my pleasure to be a small part of your journey.

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